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Survivor's Healing Retreats

Stand Up Survivor offers a Survivor's Healing Retreat is for women who have experienced domestic violence. All of our retreats are planned and led by fellow survivors. This retreat brings survivors together from all walks of life to share, heal, laugh, cry, be empowered, gain education, and insight. 

Participants experience multiple workshops and activities geared toward survivors where the focus is empowerment, healing, growth, exploration, and much more.  Being surrounded by others who have endured similar experiences allows for mutual support and accountability.  

Be prepared to experience an amazing weekend that frees you and allows you to dream new dreams.  

Join together with other sisters who have walked where you’ve walked and watch friendships build for a lifetime. 

Palm Trees

Retreat Goals

  • To provide a safe place for survivors to process, heal and grow.

  • Educate, equip and empower survivors to live an empowered life after abuse.

  • To surround each survivor with a group of women with a similar journey and experiences, reminding them they are not alone.

  • Allow survivors the freedom to begin or continue the journey of sharing and/or acknowledging their story.

  • To cultivate dreams and desires and create an action plan for them to return home with.

  • To empower survivors to face their fears, insecurities and come face to face with growth and healing.

  • To move from survivor to thriver!

Participant Requirements:

  • A woman who has experienced any form of domestic violence. ​

  • Be prepared for high intense emotional work

  • A woman who is no longer in an abusive relationship

  • Open to working with others from different cultural backgrounds.  

  • Kind, friendly and open to learning. 

  • Be ready to "do the work".

  • Have a desire to heal and move forward in their life.

Limited Capacity 

Due to this being a healing retreat, we have a limited number of survivors present for each retreat.  
There is an application process that each survivor must fill out to see if they meet the requirements. All participants will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the retreat location.  

There is a fee of $400. This includes individual suite lodging for 3/2, all meals, materials and workshops.

Become a Healing Retreat Sponsor/Partner

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