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Love at the Center

Transitional Home

A Safe Place for Survivors

Transitional housing is designed to support survivors (and their children) who are trying to get back on their feet after leaving an abusive relationship. By providing housing and career assistance, we're removing two of the biggest reasons survivors return to an abusive relationship: lack of housing and lack of finances.  By assisting here we're ensuring that the survivor is able to be self-sufficient and independent (benefitting them and their child/children). We also meet the survivor where they are on their healing journey and journey with them to where they want to be by providing emotional support, counseling, and a safe space to heal.

The transitional housing program accommodates women and children who need a safe place and time to put their lives back together and become self-sufficient

Eligibility for the program is determined on a case-by-case basis. An individualized plan is put together to that addresses each participant’s situation. Advocates work to help victims of domestic violence obtain employment, healing support and self-sufficiency. Creating a life of safety is of paramount importance for the survivor and their children. 

The long-term goal is to empower the participants to go back to school (if desired), find sustained employment, teach them financial sustainability and assist them throughout their healing process while utilizing the resources available to them. The length of stay in the Transitional Housing Program is up to twenty-four (24) months; however, each case is looked at on an individual basis and length of time is determined for each survivor. 

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